The author talks about her new action-packed Global Search Rescue series.

Fan favorite Susan May Warren ramps up the action and romance in her brand-new Global Search and Rescue series! In 2016, her Montana Rescue series took readers into the heart of Glacier National Park, where a daring group of men and women battled odds and elements as part of the PEAK rescue team.

Now, Susan presents a new lineup of highly trained heroes made up of ex-military, formers SEALs, and Pararescue jumpers. The Jones, Inc., team will cross borders, fly under the radar, and break rules to bring you and your loved ones home. She kicks off the series with The Way of the Brave (Revell).

In this interview, she takes us behind the scenes for the new series, talks about the real-life struggle that fed into the novel, and reveals her favorite thing about writing romances…

The Way of the Brave is the first book in your Global Search and Rescue series. Can you please provide a brief description of your new book?

The Way of the Brave is an epic adventure on the high slopes of Denali. When a trio of female climbers gets blown off the peak of the highest mountain in North America, a group of nearby climbers volunteer to rescue them.

But finding them and bringing them all home safe will take the courage and skill of all the climbers—both men and women. But what will courage cost them? It’s also a story of second chances, survival, and the true source of bravery.

How is your new series different from the Montana Rescue series?

Higher stakes, global settings, and a group of ex-military heroes who put their lives on the line, regardless of the cost. These stories are faster paced, with more dire situations, and a global threat threaded through the trilogy.

The setting for your book is Denali National Park in Alaska. Why did you choose this location?

I’ve always been fascinated with mountain climbing and the courage it takes to tackle the cold, the heights, and the brutal weather. I’ve read many books on Everest, K2, and Denali and asked, What if you were in an accident, and survived—how would you rescue yourself and the others who depended on you? I wanted to put the story in the backyard of most of my readers, also, so they could imagine themselves tackling such an epic feat.

Click thru to find out how one the author’s real-life struggles with PTSD influenced the book…

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