Award-wining author Suzanne Woods Fisher typically writes in the Amish genre. However, her latest novel is the contemporary romance On a Coastal Breeze (Revell). It’s the second book in her series set on Three Sisters Island, where family, forgiveness, and a second chance at love await. In this interview, Suzanne explains why she chose Maine as the setting for the series, (without spoilers!), shares a bit about main character, Madison and provides a clue for the relationship between Madison and her love interest.

Suzanne, you’re well known for both your fiction and nonfiction titles revolving around the Amish and their way of life. Why did you decide to write a completely different type of novel?

Completely different, yes. The characters in the Three Sisters Island series use cell phones and cars and computers. (They try to, anyway. The power is very unreliable on this remote little island.) But there’s much these people have in common with my Amish fiction: at the heart of these stories is faith, family and community.

Why did you select Maine as the setting? What type of research was required for writing this series?

My editor and I considered a number of different coastal settings before landing on Maine. And I’m so glad we did! It’s very accessible, affordable, inclusive. Also, I’m familiar with Maine. My dad went to Bowdoin College, and relatives live in Brunswick.

Time spent in coastal Maine during the summer! Ah … such a hardship (not!). All kidding aside, there’s nothing like “being there” to get a sense of the isolation, the remoteness. The series are set in summer, but there were a few islands I traveled to that gave me a sense of winter life up there.

Each book in the Three Sisters Island series focuses on a different sister, and this is the second in the series. Can you tell us about your main character, Madison Grayson?

The series is based on Paul Grayson and his three daughters: Cameron, Madison, and Blaine. Maddie is a middle child in every way. She’s caught in between two sisters with strong personalities and takes her role as a counselor very seriously. At her best, she’s a peacemaker, deep and thoughtful. At her worst, she meddles in others’ business and suffers acutely from a lack of self-confidence.

Ricky O’Shea is the protagonist for this story. Can you tell us a little more about his character and why you chose his profession?

Right from the start, I had in mind the idea of bringing a young pastor to this island. It’s longing for one! And Rick O’Shea is just the right fit. Optimistic, adventurous, charismatic—nothing is impossible to Pastor Rick. Except for this one little problem in his life that just won’t go away . . .

Madison and Ricky have met before and not under good circumstances. How do you feel their past plays a part in their future?

Here’s a hint to answer that question: say the name Rick O’Shea three times fast.

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Suzanne Woods Fisher checks in with #FamilyFiction from her garden in Northern California to talk to us about book #2 in the ‘Three Sisters Island’ series, ‘On A Coastal Breeze.’

On a Coastal Breeze
Three Sisters Island Series #2
Suzanne Woods Fisher
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