Romance author Belle Calhoune takes readers back north for Her Alaskan Cowboy (Love Inspired), the latest in her Alaskan Grooms series. Set in Love, Alaska, the series is focused on a heartwarming, faith-filled town where the mayor has created a program to pair couples due to the town’s shortage of women. In this interview, Belle tells FamilyFiction the significance of setting the series in Alaska, the inspiration behind this latest title, and her favorite thing about writing Christian romances…

What inspired the story in Her Alaskan Cowboy?

I was inspired to write Her Alaskan Cowboy by the idea of two people reuniting after many years of separation. Reunion romances are my favorite stories to write.

Joshua and Honor were mentioned in book one of my Alaskan Grooms series, so I thought it would be fitting to have them close out the series. And for me, the idea of two people who have never stopped loving one another despite time and distance is very poignant and powerful.

Belle, what makes the Alaska setting significant to the story?

The setting of Love, Alaska is very important to Her Alaskan Cowboy. The rugged landscape, the cold climate, the snow-capped mountains and the beautiful waters of Kachemak Bay contribute to the unique setting. Alaska is known for its stunning Northern Lights and its range of wildlife.

In this particular story, the hero, Joshua Ransom is returning to his hometown after many years of absence. Over the course of the story, he begins to realize how much he’s missed Alaska and the town of Love.

The setting is another character in the story. It’s the perfect backdrop for the romance between Joshua and Honor.

What do you hope readers come away with after reading Her Alaskan Cowboy?

I hope that readers come away with the idea that true love triumphs in the end. With faith and love, we can truly move past major obstacles. I want readers to understand the important things in life—faith, family, love, friendship—all the things that endure hardships and adversity.

What’s your favorite thing about writing Christian romances?

I really love writing Christian romances because as an author I’m able to incorporate God and my faith into my stories. When the characters go through hard times they rely on their faith to navigate their way through the storms of life. My Christian readership is also very loyal and enthusiastic.

What are the best things readers can do to support their favorite authors?

The best things readers can do to support authors are to leave reviews on their books, engage with authors on social media and tell their friends and family about the author. Spread the love! I have a lot of fun on my Author Belle Calhoune Facebook page. The readers are so fun and supportive.

Thanks for interviewing me about Her Alaskan Cowboy. I’m very excited for this release.

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