Nashville, TN (February 8, 2021)
Tyndale announces the release of ‘Til I Want No More by Southern inspirational fiction author, Robin W. Pearson. Robin’s exploration of family and faith in her writing is honest and wise. Fans of southern fiction love her real characters, emotional themes, and eloquent prose. Her debut novel, A Long Time Comin’, was received with overwhelming positivity.

Book Synopsis:
When the man she loved years ago returns to town, one young woman’s complicated past rises again, threatening to expose her well-kept secrets.

If Maxine could put her finger on the moment when her life went into a tailspin, she would point back twenty years to the day her daddy died. She tells herself he’s the only person who ever really knew and loved her, and if he hadn’t left her behind, her future would’ve been different. No absentee mother, no stepfather, no rebellious ripping and running during her teenage years. And no JD, who gave her wandering young heart a home, at least for a time.

But that’s over and done with. Grown-up Maxine’s heart and ring finger belong to Theodore Charles, the man she’ll promise to love, honor, and obey in front of God and everybody. At least that’s what she’s telling people. The only folks buying it are the dog and the readers of her column, however. Her best friend and family aren’t having it—not even Celeste, the double bass–playing thirteen-year-old the community of Mount Laurel, North Carolina, believes is Maxine’s adopted sister. And apparently, neither is the newly returned JD, who seems intent on toppling Maxine’s reconstructed life. As her wedding day marches ever closer, Maxine confronts what it means to be really known and loved by examining what’s buried in her own heart and exposing truth that has never seen the light of day.

‘Til I Want No More
Robin W. Pearson
(Tyndale House)
Genres: Contemporary
Release Date: February 2, 2021

ISBN-10 : 1496441575
ISBN-13 : 978-1496441577


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