Sweet romance and fascinating adventure are intertwined
with God’s good word in The Kissing
by Tricia Goyer (Zondervan).This is the third book in the Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors Series.The
Kissing Bridge stands alone but Tricia Goyer’s writing is so engaging
readers will want to get their eyes on everything she writes.

Caleb is a young Amish man from Ohio who promised his
dying grandfather he would explore the world before settling down. He finds his
way to West Kootenai, Montana, for a six-month stint of working and hunting.
Caleb dreams of finding an Amish girl who shares his love of adventure; he
doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life living a normal routine.

Rebecca Troyer, an Amish girl from Shipshewana, Indiana,
is leaving her family to go to Oregon for nursing school. Ever since her sister died in childbirth,
Rebecca has been determined to get a nursing education. Rebecca’s family has no
idea that she has been sneaking off and getting her GED and taking on-line
college classes. She boards the train for Oregon without telling her family
goodbye, knowing they would try to stop her because the Amish do not believe in
education beyond the eighth grade.

On the train trip to Oregon, Rebecca decides to stop to
visit her ex-Amish friend, Marianna, in West Kootenai, Montana. In Montana, the
Amish and Englischers forge deep and meaningful relationships and consider each
other friends. Caleb and Rebecca meet through her visit with Marianna. Caleb is
attracted to Rebecca’s spirit and willingness to travel. He wants to see more
of her but she is hesitant since she is ultimately moving to Oregon and leaving
the Amish.

Since Rebecca has three weeks before classes begin in
Oregon, she agrees to go on a wagon trail trip through the mountains with Caleb
and several other Amish and Englischers from the area. Romance is in the air as
Caleb and Rebecca share a wagon in the gorgeous backwoods of Montana. Rebecca
is torn between giving into the desires of her heart and still holding on to her
dreams of nursing school.All she knows
is she wants to live a life that matters.

Tricia Goyer has authored an exquisitely romantic novel. She
has carefully and skillfully crafted scenes between Rebecca and Caleb, which
will leave readers starry-eyed. Additionally, Tricia’s stunningly vivid
descriptions of the Montana vistas and countryside will dramatically increase
the enjoyment of A Kissing Bridge.The book was published April 1, 2014.

Gloria is a 59-year-old retired RN and former accountant who has
a life long love of reading. She has spent the last two years reading every
Amish novel she can get her hands on.When not reading, Gloria spends her day trading stocks and options,
tweeting under the name of @gloriason, and expressing her gratitude to God. She blogs at amishreader.blogspot.com.

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