The Revealing
by Suzanne Woods Fisher (Revell) is the satisfying, well-written conclusion to The
Inn at Eagle Hill series. The book really should not be read as a standalone as
it is so much more interesting and meaningful to read the entire series in
order. The Revealing is filled with
humor, romance, reconciliation, and mystery with a consistent message of
forgiveness woven throughout the novel.

The book opens with Naomi King keeping secrets from her
older brother, Galen, about who she has fallen in love with and how she has
been sneaking out to visit him in prison. Tobe Schrock will be getting out of
prison soon and Naomi vows to be his wife when that happens. Just before Tobe is
released, a very strange, very pregnant Englischer girl, Paisley, comes to the
Schrock farm and announces she is about to have Tobe’s baby and she will be
marrying him as soon as Tobe comes home.

Paisley seems to know quite a bit about Tobe, but she is
extremely interested in how much the Schrock farm is worth. She is totally
disinterested in doing any chores or helping out in any way. When Tobe’s sister
tells Naomi what is going on, Naomi immediately makes arrangements to sneak out
to the prison to ask Tobe about Paisley. Tobe admits to knowing Paisley, but
denies that he is the father of her baby.Upon reflection, he admits there is a slim possibility, but any time
spent with Paisley had happened before he and Naomi became a couple. Naomi is sickened
and filled with anxiety to think of her Tobe with that Englischer girl,
Paisley. Within a few days Naomi becomes determined not to be afraid of

Paisley goes into labor before Tobe is released from
prison. Tobe’s mother, Rose Schrock gets Paisley to the local hospital where
she gives birth to a baby girl with Down’s Syndrome. Paisley has no interest in
the baby; won’t hold her, and she refuses to care for the baby. Right before Tobe
comes home from prison, Paisley takes off in the middle of the night, leaving
her baby girl behind with the Schrock’s. Tobe decides to get a DNA test done. What
will the DNA test results reveal? Will Tobe bond with the baby he must care for?Will Naomi and Tobe reconcile?

Suzanne Woods Fisher has given her readers several fascinating
multi layered plots and subplots in The
. The book boasts thorough characterization as well as overflowing
spiritual depth. Readers can expect to be chuckling one minute and getting
misty eyed over the sweetly written romance the next minute. This book has it
all, and is highly recommended for all readers. The Revealing released July 1, 2014.

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last two years reading every
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