intrigue and self-discovery convalesce in Glittering Promises
(David C. Cook), the last
book in Lisa T. Bergren’s Grand Tour series. For three books readers have been
drawn in to the captivating world of the rich and infamous while exploring the
architectural and cultural marvels of Europe via proxy. The third installment
is as nuanced historically as its predecessors with the perfect physical and
emotional landscape for a complex coming of age story.

by exploitive and dangerous kidnappers, Cora, her siblings, travel companions
and William McCabe refuse to sequester themselves in Italy’s opulent villas in
spite of the strong arming tactics of the family patriarch. They press on with
the last leg of their journey with newfound solidarity and affection. All
recognize that their experiences have irrevocably bonded them together, whether
desired or not. The internal tensions have shifted the dynamics and alliances
in Cora’s favor, but not all in the group have been won over by the new heir.
Consequently, Cora is faced not only with the physical threat of kidnappers but
also the personal threat against her autonomy within the family empire.

tenuous relationships and new family ties constantly put to the test, Cora is
desperate to find her true identity in the midst of her colliding worlds. She
is still learning to navigate the labyrinth of the upper echelons of society
with dignity and grace but has now become more acclimatized to her new
birthright, if not accepting of it. Exercising an assertiveness that belies her
innermost fears, Cora is prepared to step in to her preordained destiny with
her faith fortifying every step. She is learning to balance her pragmatic views
on life with her desire for adventure and discovery.

too struggles with his perceived self-worth as a man while battling jealousy
and feelings of inadequacy. In the past, society would have considered him
Cora’s equal, but now his station could be the very thing that keeps them
apart, fueled by his ego and her father’s views on gentility. Avowed to protect
Cora from the stalking shadows of her pursuers, William fulfills all
requirements of the doting and strong hero while being endearingly vulnerable.
Not to be overshadowed by the continual and extravagant (although refuted)
courting of Lord Richelieu, he woos Cora with his honor, faith, and love. Cora
is William’s to lose if he cannot overcome the limitations of society and his self-imposed

executes several daring plot twists flawlessly while maintaining the integrity
of the characters and themes that have been imbedded within the story since the
onset. In fact, it is these risks that keep the storyline fresh and builds
tension to the very end. She is astute in concealing answers from readers until
the suspense reaches a pinnacle. Continuity between the three books is never
compromised as it becomes evident that the trail of breadcrumbs irrevocably
leads to this culminating moment.

much a story about spiritual awakening and personal acceptance as it is a
romantic suspense, Glittering Promises is the satisfying conclusion that readers
having been seeking for this rags to riches tale. Lisa T. Bergren delivers with a
riveting plot, intriguing characters and palpable suspense that will satisfy
even the most captious historical romance readers.

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