Vogel Sawyer’s Echoes of Mercy (Water
Brook Press) sweeps readers back in time to Dinsmore’s World-Famous Chocolates
Factory, a mysterious death, and into the life of Caroline Lang, investigative
agent for the Labor Commission. At the novel’s opening, Caroline learns that an
agent investigating child labor conditions, Harmon Brachter, died in the
Dinsmore Factory under mysterious circumstances. Passionate about fighting
child labor, Caroline poses as a worker in the factory and tries to get the
dirt on Bratcher’s untimely death. With suspense, gentleness, and humor, Sawyer
weaves a masterful tale of justice, hope, and faith.

feisty, confident woman, Caroline delights the reader from the first page with
her humor, grace, and tenderness. Her passion for fighting child labor stems
from her own dark childhood as a bond slave. Despite her troubled past,
Caroline carries herself with spunk, confronting those who do wrong—including
her boss at the factory, Gordon Hightower, and the Dinsmore Factory owner
himself, Fulton Dinsmore.

faith in God provides a solid foundation for her investigative work, and though
she struggles with the duplicity inherent in her job, she believes it’s the
only way to bring about justice. Caroline also has trouble surrendering her
burdens to God, and must learn the humility and trust necessary to trust God in
all things. A warm, relatable heroine, Caroline keeps the reader turning the

As she
lives among the people of Sinclair, Kansas, Caroline meets an unforgettable
cast of characters—Kesia, who runs Durham’s Café with sweet Southern comfort
and not a little sass, the Holcomb children, who stumble into Caroline’s life
and ultimately her heart, and Ollie Moore, a handsome factory worker who seems
to be hiding something. Although Caroline diligently investigates Brachter’s
death and the conditions of child workers in the factory, it’s the intriguing Ollie
who soon draws her attention. Hiding his past proves difficult for Ollie, and
Caroline eventually discovers his true identity. The story that unfolds is more
than Caroline bargained for.

scores in her portrayal of love and friendships. Her characters interact with
obvious care for each other, soothing and comforting each other. Caroline’s
adopted parents, Noble and Annamarie, gently steer Caroline toward God and
encourage her to draw near to Him. Caroline, in turn, opens her heart to the
Holcomb children, offering them grace. Of course, not all relationships are
easy—Caroline and Oliver have quite a few rough patches—but it’s these
misunderstandings and disagreements that make the relationship realistic,
relatable, and valuable. The triumph comes when Caroline and Oliver overcome their
differences to work together.

exciting read, Echoes of Mercy is
perfect for anyone in search of mystery, intrigue, and, of course, romance.

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