Romance author Becky Wade kicks off the new Bradford Sisters Romance series with True to You (Bethany House). This contemporary romantic series, perfect for fans of Rachel Hauck and Denise Hunter, follows the love stories of three sisters living in a delightful Pacific Northwest small town. In this Q&A, Becky Wade explains what inspired her to write about three sisters, why opposites attract, and the impact she hopes True to You will have on readers…

True to You is the first book in a brand-new series. What inspired you to write a book about three sisters?

I’m the eldest of three sisters! I love having sisters. We did our share of fighting when we were growing up, but we’ve been a huge source of friendship, trust, comfort, and support to each other ever since we hit adulthood. We can talk for hours. We look alike. We all share the same sense of humor. My fondness for my sisters and for the bonds of sisterhood inspired me to pen a series based on sisters.

True to You tells the love story of a brainy genealogist and a Medal of Honor-winning Navy Seal. Is this a case of “opposites attract”?

It absolutely is. The heroine of True to You, Nora Bradford, is bookish, history-minded, and fearful of love. The hero, John Lawson, is athletic, practical, and confident. I had great fun pairing the two of them together. Their banter was a delight to write. And it was intriguing for me as an author to peel back the surface of their personalities to discover why the hearts beneath were perfectly matched.

What aspect of the story did you most enjoy writing?

At the outset of the novel, John hires Nora to help him find his biological mother who gave him up for adoption when he was an infant. I thoroughly enjoyed researching adoption and reunion and then crafting a plot that enabled John and Nora’s genealogical search to uncover one clue after another.

What impact do you hope that True to You will have on readers?

Because I write heartwarming and humorous romances, I always hope that readers will close the final page of my books with a happy sigh and a smile. In this particular case, the theme of True to You is truth. I’m praying the Lord will use this story to remind readers of the fact that their true identity is, was, and always will be in Him.

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