If you haven’t heard of the
fantastic new series Year of Weddings, you are missing out! Each month a
romantic novella releases by one of your favorite writers.

A May Bride by Meg Moseley releases April 2014!

What has it been like to
contribute with such great authors and create a unique series like this one
that spans the year?

It has been fun to get
acquainted with the other authors and to see their creativity and
individuality. And because the series covers a year’s time, it’s also
interesting to see the changing seasons within the stories.

It’s an age old question: Which came first–the story or the series?

For me, the series came
first. As soon as I received an invitation to write a novella for the series, I
started playing with story ideas.

And how did you get the initial idea for this story?

I ran across an offbeat news
story that inspired a nonconformist groom who doesn’t want to fall prey to what
he calls the “Great American Wedding Machine.” The cover art also inspired me
because the bouquet pictured is just a bit non-traditional.

This novella seems like a classic boy meets girl story. However, there is
always a catch. What’s the catch here?

We have a fun-loving guy,
Gray, who’s thrilled to meet his dream girl, Ellie—except she’s so devoted to
her kid sister and so tangled up in their mother’s apron strings that Gray is
afraid Ellie won’t make their marriage her priority. The situation calls for
drastic measures that challenge Ellie’s tradition-loving heart.

Are there any connections between the novellas in the series or are they all

Each one is a stand-alone
story, but they share the common elements of romance, weddings, and a focus on
a particular month of the year.

It seems we can’t get enough of weddings. Why do you think Americans are so
obsessed with weddings?

I think we’re inspired by
starry-eyed sweethearts starting a new life together. Even cynics might
secretly hope that love can conquer all. And although most of us enjoy what
Ellie calls the “fuss and feathers,” even a simple and inexpensive wedding can
be a beautiful celebration of love and commitment.

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About The Author

Meg Moseley is a Californian at heart although she’s lived more than half her life in other states. She formerly wrote human-interest columns for a suburban section of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and home schooled for more than twenty years. Meg enjoys reading books, traveling, gardening, her three grown children, and motorcycle rides with her husband Jon. They make their home in northern Georgia.