Phil Vischer started his
latest series after research
showed how little most
Christian kids know about
their faith—and how many
walk away from the church
after high school.

The VeggieTales creator wondered, What if we could take that information and put it into a format that whole families could sit down and enjoy together? Vischer’s response was the new puppets-and-animation series DVD series, What’s in the Bible?

Starting in Genesis with the first DVD, Vischer and team are working through the Bible chronologically using puppets, songs and animation to make the Bible accessible, understandable, and entertaining for kids and parents. “If VeggieTales made you laugh,What’s in the Bible will make you laugh, too,” he says. “What’s different is that whereas VeggieTales presented key Bible stories, What’s in the Bible presents the entire Bible. The whole thing.”

The concepts of sin and salvation are front and center in volume five, Israel Gets a King (Tyndale), focusing on King Saul, King David, and King Solomon. “We’ve heard from kids who love the humor,” Vischer says, “but also from their parents who are amazed at what their kids are learning. Pastors have written to say our explanations of some of these key theological concepts are the clearest,most effective they’ve ever heard. The end goal is we’re trying to create a resource that, like a good study Bible, can be used by almost everyone.”

More info:
In the Beginning (What’s In the Bible #1)
Let My People Go! (What’s In the Bible #2)
Wanderin’ in the Desert (What’s In the Bible #3)
Battle for the Promised Land! (What’s In the Bible #4)
Israel Gets a King! (What’s in the Bible? #5)

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