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Sophomore high school student Lorali Mathews has one goal: win a scholarship to play volleyball at a Division One school. The only thing standing in her way? A losing streak. A toxic teammate. A murderous man. A distracting boy. Yucky kale chips….oh yeah, and about four inches in height.

And it doesn’t help that her aunt—who inspired her love for volleyball—passed away in an unfortunate accident.

What good will Lorali do to her aunt’s legacy if she doesn’t take her dreams all the way to college? But with a teammate harboring a dangerous secret, one that could endanger that teammate’s life. Lorali may have to learn to put aside her dreams for now to help her get to safety. And with a murderous man on the loose, the two of them may lose far more than a chance at a scholarship, or even, a second chance at life.

Eating disorders
Balancing passion and rest

Inside the Ten-foot Line
Lori Z. Scott
End Game Press
Genres: YA/Teen, Sports
Release Date: September 20, 2022

ISBN-10: ‎ 1637970412
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1637970416


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About The Author

Lori Z. Scott is an elementary teacher, a speaker, and an author of the bestselling Meghan Rose series. In addition, she has contributed to over a dozen books and published over 175 short stories, poems, puzzles, devotions, and articles for publications like Focus on the Family's Thriving Family Magazine. She as a four-year starter on Wheaton College's volleyball team.