The Road Home

Beverly Lewis

Bethany House


April 3, 2018

Grieving the death of her parents, Lena tells herself that her life in Lancaster County won’t be forever. Can she open her heart to other possibilities?


The Amish Widow’s New Love

Liz Tolsma

Love Inspired

Amish, romance

April 17, 2018

He’s her first love–will he be her last?


The Stranger

Linda Maran

Pelican Book Group

Amish, romance

December 1, 2017

When Kristen Esh loses her mom in a tragic accident months before her 18th birthday, she suddenly finds herself among Amish relatives she never knew she had.


Shadows of Hope

Georgiana Daniels

Shiloh Run Press


April 1, 2018

When their private lives collide, the two women must face the ultimate test of their faith and choose how to move forward as they live in the shadows of hope.


No One Ever Asked

Katie Ganshert



April 3, 2018

The lives of three very different women converge when an affluent community has no choice but to open their school doors.


Hurricane Season

Lauren K. Denton

Contemporary, Romance

Thomas Nelson

April 3, 2018

As a hurricane aims a steady eye at the Alabama coast, Jenna must make a decision that will change her family’s future.



First Love Forever Romance Collection: 9 Historical Romances Where First Loves are Rekindled

Susanne Dietze, Cynthia Hickey, Marcia Gruver, Carrie Fancett Pagels, Martha Rogers, Lorna Seilstad, Connie Stevens, Jennifer Uhlarik, Erica Vetsch

Barbour Books

Historical, Romance

April 1, 2018

In settings from 1865 to 1910, nine couples are reunited by circumstance. Can love rekindle despite the separation of time and space?


The Rancher Inherits a Family

Return to Cowboy Creek

Cheryl St.John

Love Inspired Historical

Historical, Romance

April 3, 2018

The man who rescued her from a wrecked railcar might just be the one to save her from loneliness…if she dares to let him in.


The Lion of the South

A Novel of the Civil War

Jessica James

Historical, Suspense

April 11, 2018

One woman holds the fate of the country in her hands. Can she allow her brother to die so that others might live?


Runaway Tide

Sea Glass Inn #2

Julie Carobini

Stonewater Books

Contemporary, Romance

March 20, 2018

Will an unplanned trip to the ancient Italian city of Florence and beyond bring answers that reignite old passions? Or will the miles push Jackson and Meg farther apart?


Her Texas Cowboy

Jill Lynn

Love Inspired


April 17, 2018

How do you forge just a friendship with someone you’ve always pictured as your bride?


With This Forever

Windswept Bay #10

Debra Clopton

Debra Clopton Parks Publishing


January 22, 2018

On the romantic shores of Windswept Bay can Sammy Jo help Jake realize that opening up to love is a risk worth taking?


The Ghost Ship

Space Drifters #3

Paul Regnier



April 10, 2018

With pursuers closing in, Glint and his crew must work together to survive their greatest threat and save Jasette’s planet before it’s too late.


The Wounded Shadow

Darkwater Saga #3

Patrick W. Carr

Bethany House


April 3, 2018

The Final Battle over the Darkwater Has Begun. Will Anything Be Able to Stop the Evil Sweeping across the North?


The Fire Starter

Children of the King #2

Gloria Clover

By the Vine Press

Speculative, Romance

April 1, 2018

When strangers with illegal fire weapons threaten Celosia, Valryan and Amaryllis must face a combustible choice. Will the heat fuse them together or blow them apart?


Only by Death

Ozark Mountain Trilogy #2

Kathy Herman

David C. Cook


April 1, 2018

Is Liam Berne a loving son—or a murderer? The second book in the Ozark Mountain Trilogy, Only by Death is a thought-provoking suspense story of a man who loses everything and learns he must die to find life.


Where Shadows Meet

Colleen Coble

Thomas Nelson

Suspense, Romance

April 10, 2018

USA Today bestselling author Colleen Coble shares the story of a family murdered and how the lone survivor learns to forgive—both the murderer and herself.


Secret Past

Sharee Stover

Love Inspired Suspense

Suspense, Romance

April 3, 2018

Captured and held prisoner, only Katie can unearth her secret past–if she can survive long enough…


Cold Fury

Cold Harbor #3

Susan Sleeman

Suspense, Romance

Edge of Your Seat Books

March 4, 2018

Can Jackson unravel the lies before the killer unleashes his fury on Maggie and takes her life?


Cold, Cold Heart

Katie Flanagan #2

Christine Poulson

Lion Fiction


January 23, 2018

After the events of Deep Water, scientist Katie Flanagan has gained an undeserved reputation as a troublemaker. Her research career has foundered. When an accident creates an opening at an Antarctic station, she seizes the opportunity, flying in on the last plane before winter and the months of darkness close off all escape routes. Unfortunately for Katie, a revenge-seeking killer is at large at the station.


Toward a Secret Sky

Heather Maclean


YA/Teen, Speculative, Romance

April 4, 2017

This fast-paced thriller for fans of Stephenie Meyer and Dan Brown leads the reader on a breathless flight through the highlands of Scotland, the secret city under London, and history itself.


Reclaiming Shilo Snow

Mary Weber

Thomas Nelson

YA/Teen, Speculative

Mar 6, 2018

She was far more capable than Earth’s leaders had accounted for, and they had no idea what she’d do next.



Intense #3

Glenn Haggerty

Freshwater Publications

YA/Teen, Suspense

April 1, 2018

Shadowing drug runners is risky business. Tyler isn’t sure who he can trust or if he can rescue anyone—including himself.


Ember Rising

The Green Ember Series #3

S.D. Smith

Story Warren Books

Childens, Speculative

March 8, 2018

Heather and Picket are plunged into the darkness of Morbin’s shadow, fighting to bear the flame of the cause and light the way for rabbitkind’s upright insurrection.


Imagine… The Ten Plagues

Matt Koceich

Barbour Books


February 9, 2018

The second release in an exciting, brand-new epic adventure series for kids ages 8 to 12 written by schoolteacher Matt Koceich.


The Great Escape

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls #3

M.J. Thomas


Children’s, Speculative

April 3, 2018

Two present-day siblings and their dog find themselves in ancient Egypt, where they witness first-hand as Moses petitions Pharaoh for the Israelites’ freedom.


Madman in Manhattan

AIO Imagination Station #21

Focus on the Family


April 3, 2018

The adventure continues as Patrick and Beth end up in New York City in 1928 as inventor Nikola Tesla is embroiled in a patent conflict with fellow inventor Thomas Edison.


Greatest Heroes & Legends of Bible: Complete Series
Animated, Children’s, Movies, Historical
April 2018

Includes animated retellings of accounts from both the Old Testament and the New Testament, including episodes about Moses, Samson, and Jesus.

Disc 1
David and Goliath
The Miracles of Jesus
The Nativity
The Last Supper, Crucifixion, and Resurrection

Disc 2
The Story of Moses
Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors
Samson and Delilah
The Apostles

Disc 3
Daniel and the Lion’s Den
Jonah and the Whale
Joshua and the Battle of Jericho
Sodom and Gomorrah


The Star
Timothy Reckart (Director)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Animation, Christmas, Movies, Childrens, Speculative
February 2018

A small but brave donkey teams up with his animal friends to follow the Star on the adventure of their dreams – and become part of the greatest story ever told.


Let There Be Light
Kevin Sorbo (Actor, Director)
Movies, Contemporary, Speculative
February 2018

After a near death experience challenges his simplest assumptions about this world, an atheist finds re-imagines his life.


When Calls The Heart: The Heart of Homecoming
Janette Oke
Shout! Factory
Movies, Historical, Romance
March 2018

As the citizens of Hope Valley work to create a Christmas parade to bring everyone closer together, Elizabeth longs for the return of her beloved Jack.


Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Truth Be Told
Movies, Romance
March 2018

On a mission to deliver a soldier’s letter from Afghanistan, Oliver’s estranged father surprises him with news that shakes him to his core.

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