We all know about Martin Luther, the father of the Reformation, and what he has done for the Lutheran Church. But do you know about his innovative wife, Katharina von Bora Luther? Intelligent, strong-willed, and curious, she is perhaps the only woman who could have been Martin’s match.

Learn all about the mother of the Reformation with Katie Luther: The Graphic Novel, new from Concordia Publishing House. Katie blazed her own trail at a time when there were very few options for women. She risked her life to escape a nunnery, and she stood her ground in the face of opposition to her role as Mrs. Luther. Hard-working, fiercely dedicated to her family, and unwavering in her faith, Katie is the modern example of the Christian wife.

This biography provides an education and appreciation of Katie Luther and the Reformation in a fun format. It’s perfect for adults, children, and classroom use.

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