County Line
INSP Films
Genre: Movies/DVDs
May 2018

When his best friend, Sheriff Clint Thorne (Jeff Fahey, Texas Rising, Justified), is brutally gunned down, former neighboring county sheriff, Alden Rockwell (Tom Wopat, The Dukes Of Hazzard, Longmire) is left with many questions and no answers. After the investigation stalls and his replacement, Sheriff Preston (Grant Goodeve, Eight is Enough, Dynasty) turns a blind eye, Alden takes the case into his own hands.

Uncovering a web of crime, deceit, and corruption that spreads through two counties, Alden is caught in a deadly criminal network with no backup, no badge, and local diner owner, Maddie (Patricia Richardson, Home Improvement, The West Wing) as his only ally. Seeking justice at any cost, Alden must find out who’s behind this criminal enterprise, even if some lines must be crossed.

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