Minneapolis, MN (September 30, 2023)
A Montana resident, Katie Powner is the author of four contemporary novels and has been dubbed a master storyteller for her stories full of small-town charm and life’s complexities set in her home state. Set in northern Montana along the rugged and remote Hi-Line, Katie Powner’s latest release interweaves poignancy and humor to present a story of friendship, forgiveness, and moving forward in The Wind Blows in Sleeping Grass.

The Wind Blows in Sleeping Grass
Katie Powner
Bethany House
Genres: Contemporary, Family Life
Release Date: September 26, 2023

ISBN-10: ‎0764242008
ISBN-13: ‎978-0764242007

Book Summary:
For the first time in his life, Pete has everything to lose.

After years of drifting, fifty-year-old Pete Ryman has settled down with his potbellied pig, Pearl, in the small Montana town of Sleeping Grass—a place he never expected to see again. It’s not the life he dreamed of, but there aren’t many prospects for a high-school dropout like him.

Elderly widow Wilma Jacobsen carries a burden of guilt over her part in events that led to Pete leaving Sleeping Grass decades ago. Now that he’s back, she’s been praying for the chance to make things right, but she never expected God’s answer to leave her flat on her face—literally—and up to her ears in meddling.

When the younger sister Pete was separated from as a child shows up in Sleeping Grass with her eleven-year-old son, Pete is forced to face a past he buried long ago, and Wilma discovers her long-awaited chance at redemption may come at a higher cost than she’s willing to pay.


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Christian Fiction New Book Release: The Wind Blows in Sleeping Grass by Katie Powner

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About The Author

Katie Powner lives in Montana, where cows still outnumber people. She loves Jesus, red shoes, and candy. Katie is a mom to the third power (biological, adoptive, and foster) who believes every child deserves a loving place to call home.