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Historical Romance
Jen Turano
In this interview, Jen talks about Meeting Her Match, the third book in her The Matchmakers Series.

Historical Romance
Tracie Peterson
In this interview, Tracie shares some thoughts regarding the second book in her Heart of Cheyenne Series, titled A Choice Considered.

Romantic Suspense
Nancy Mehl
In this interview, Nancy discusses her latest book, Cold Vengeance.

YA/Teen Sci-Fi Fantasy
Nadine Brandes
In this interview, Nadine talks with us about her latest book, The Nightmare Virus.

Amish Romance
Amanda Cabot
In this interview, Amanda shares some of her thoughts regarding her latest novel, Into the Starlight.

Split-Time Romance
Rachel Hauck
In this interview, Rachel talks about her latest book, Meet Me at the Starlight.

Historical Romance
Nicole M. Miller
In this interview, Patricia shares some insights into Truth Be Told, the third book in her Annalee Spain Mystery Series.

New Christian fiction books from Jen Turano, Tracie Peterson, Alice Faye Duncan, Donna Mumma, Nicole M. Miller, Nancy Mehl, Hannah Linder, Carla Laureano, Rachel Hauck, Karen Hancock, Tricia Goyer, Karen Ferguson, Shannon Sue Dunlap, Amanda Cabot, Nadine Brandes, Lynn U. Watson, Jill Williamson, Susan May Warren, Jocelyn Green, Amanda Dykes, Mary Connealy and more!

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