Liz Curtis Higgs’ latest historical novel, Mine Is the Night, is the dramatic conclusion to her Scottish retelling of the biblical love story between Ruth and Boaz.

Creating believable characters that parallel their ancient Biblical counterparts, yet live and breathe in 18th century Scotland, is a lengthy process—including studying dozens of Bible translations in addition to Scottish history books—but one this talented author loves.

Liz believes the story of Ruth demonstrates what it means to trust in a Sovereign God who supports, guides, and restores people throughout trials and tribulations.

“We often forget that, at the start of their story, Ruth was a pagan who worshiped false gods and Naomi was a bitter, discouraged widow. As their story unfolds, both women come to a place of peace in their relationships with each other and with the Lord, yet their spiritual journey is not an easy one.

“In the same way, Marjory and Elisabeth Kerr—my Naomi and Ruth—have their faith shaped and tested by the circumstances of their lives. I hope my readers will find connecting points with the heartaches and joys these women experience, and fall in love with our kinsman-redeemer, as I have.”

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About The Author

Liz Curtis Higgs writes fiction (contemporary and historical), nonfiction, and children's books--with more than 4.6 million copies of her books in print. Liz is also a regular speaker at women's conferences, including Women of Faith, Women of Joy, Extraordinary Women, Among Friends, Time Out for Women, Moody Women, Women of Virtue, Win-some Women, Women’s Journey of Faith, Women Who Worship, and Christian Women Communicating International.