The Donkey That No One Could Ride

(Harvest House), written by Anthony DeStefano and illustrated by Richard Cowdrey, gives the story of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem a new spin, telling it from the perspective of the lowly donkey that carried Jesus. But the author didn’t just write this book for children—he also wrote it for the parents and grandparents reading the book to their kids. “[Kids] will be able to relate to the book because they are physically small and weak,” Anthony says, “but we adults have the same kind of problems.”

But, he adds, “With faith, miracles can happen. All of us can do great things and make it through the difficulties and the stress and the problems of life and even experience new life. That’s the message of Easter and that’s the message of this little book.”

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About The Author

Ben Avery is a high school teacher, a playwright, comic book writer, and active children's ministry worker. His work is designed to captivate readers and lead them to a closer relationship with Christ. He is the author of Kingdoms: A Biblical Epic and TimeFlyz.