Nashville, TN October 24, 2020)
Suspense and Young Adult/Teen author Laura Gallier is set to release book #3 in her The Delusion Series, The Defiance, on November 3, 2020.

The Defiance
The Delusion Series #3
Laura Gallier
Genres: Suspense, YA Fiction
Releases: Nov 3, 2020

Four months after the deadly overlord, Molek, has been banished beyond the city limits of Masonville, Texas, Owen Edmonds’ crucial mission to save lives escalates when seven Cosmic Rulers of darkness close in to decimate his town. With the backing of mighty Watchmen, Owen works to expose and counteract the demonic invaders’ schemes, but his efforts are met with strong resistance, especially as powers of witchcraft are loosed against him. Owen finds the strength to persevere, even as the stakes rise to an all-time high, but it’s then that he and the love of his life, Ray Anne, are both confronted by their most dreaded, longstanding fears—a strategic move by the enemy. As the battle between good and evil culminates in an epic standoff, Owen and Ray Anne must make the decision of a lifetime: will they face their fears or run?

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