A multi-published author of fiction and nonfiction, Kimberley Woodhouse is also a popular speaker who has shared with more than half-a-million people across the country at more than 2,000 events. Her latest novel is the historical romance Under the Midnight Sun (Bethany House), the final book in the Heart of Alaska trilogy. Co-written with Tracie Peterson, the novel follows one of the first women naturalists—and the man who finds himself working for her. In this interview, Kimberley talks about the research behind the book, reveals what inspired the story, and explains the benefits of being a Christian author writing romances…

What inspired the story in Under The Midnight Sun?

It’s the last in a three book series set at the Curry Hotel in Alaska back in the 1920s. The inspiration originally was the history of the location and Cassidy Faith Hale—a young girl in our church who was killed. Tracie and I lovingly call it “The Cassidy Series” because it’s in honor of her. The heroine in book one is Cassidy and she continues in each of the books.

The Curry Hotel was such a fascinating place. Even the President stayed there as he traveled to the ceremony for the completion of the Alaska Railroad. It truly was the heart of Alaska for many years.

What were your goals writing this novel?

This book has a lot of characters and storylines since it’s the end of a series, but our biggest goal was to portray God’s grace and forgiveness.

What does it take to research the period where and when the book takes place?

Traveling to Alaska. But it’s my favorite place and we used to live there, so that’s always fun.

Talking to people who were there. It’s been so fun to speak to people that were children at the Curry and lived there.

Going through tons and tons of digital archives. I absolutely love research so it’s one of the joys of writing for me

What do you want readers to take away after reading Under The Midnight Sun?

That life isn’t perfect, it’s messy and complicated. But God’s joy and forgiveness are there for each one of us.

What are the benefits of writing “romances” as a Christian author?

Getting to show the greatest romance of all—God’s love toward us—through the picture of regular people. And hearing from thousands of readers about how the stories have touched their hearts.

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