You’ve set several books in this general time period. What is it about the old west that keeps you coming back?

I have asked myself the same question. Perhaps it is because I would have loved simpler times, my ancestor’s strength and integrity. Life wasn’t easy, but it was real life, not an emotional roller coaster.

What does it take to research the period when your western romances take place?

I loved hearing my grandparents’ stories about their childhoods. I have read many books on the old west.

The problems people faced in those days were so different from ours—their focus was on survival, not larger world events, in many cases. Any time I get to sit and talk with an elderly person, I cherish their childhood memories.

What are the challenges or benefits of writing “romances” from a biblical worldview?

Well, not everyone believes the Bible. Beliefs are as varied and diverse as strawberry ice cream and liver. I began my career in the secular market before entering the Christian market. I was miserable writing material that went against my beliefs.

It took many years and many long hours of prayer to have a door open for me in the Christian market. That door was Tyndale House Publishers and the first book was Faith. Tyndale has been a blessing because I can now help shape young readers by teaching pure love.

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About The Author

Lori Copeland had a relatively late start in writing, breaking into publishing when she was already forty years old. Over the next dozen years, her romance novels achieved much success, as was evidenced by her winning the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award, The Holt Medallion, and Walden Books' Best Seller award. She has been inducted into the Missouri Writers Hall of Fame. Despite her success in more mainstream romantic fiction, in 1995, she decided to switch focus. Her subsequent books have been in Christian romance. She has also collaborated with authors Angela Elwell Hunt or Virginia Smith on a series of Christian romance novels.