Lynn Watson’s first published writing, news about her Brownie troop, appeared in the Milford Herald (Milford, Illinois) when she was seven. Many years later she authored Cinnamah-Brosia’s Inspirational Collection for Women. The Essence of Courage, (Volume 1 of 3) was recognized as a must-read by industry professionals. Each chapter of the devotional volumes contains one real-life story from family and friends. After fictionalizing the stories to protect identities, Lynn wondered if–then dared to believe–she could write full-length novels.

In this Featured Spotlight interview, Lynn talks with us about her new book, Tangled Promises.

FF: What inspired the story in your book?
Tangled Promises was inspired by my great-grandmother’s story. She was in love with the carriage driver, and her father had someone else in mind for her to marry. Someone more like Georg in the story. The little additional I know about her is being saved for Frayed Promises, the second book in the Promised Destiny series. Outside of that bit of inspiration Tangled Promises is fiction.

Tangled Promises’ main characters lived in my head for years. They surprised me with the cast of characters they brought along and the tales they shared.

FF: What can you tell us about the main characters in your book?
Clara Reinhold, oldest daughter of a Baron, loves her close-knit family and desires to honor her parents. The feisty young woman is a talented pianist, and shares her mother’s giftedness in art. She’s in love with the family carriage driver.

Clara’s father, the Baron of their community, is highly respected in their community, well-loved, kind, compassionate, full of integrity, loves his family—all the good qualities. But he’s made a terrible arrangement for his daughter to marry a man from a fellow-noble family—the lecherous Georg Wolff.

Daniel Becker, beloved family carriage driver, adores Clara. Attentive to her desires and her needs, he loves and protects her well.

Clara and Daniel, best friends since they were children, promised their love and future to one another at a Charades party when they were 16 and 18 years old. But marriage between commoner and nobility is strictly forbidden.

Challenges for Clara and Daniel’s love extend far beyond the rules of nobility. Their future becomes entwined with an eclectic cast of characters having ulterior motives and much less than honorable intentions.

FF: Which character surprised you the most?
The pastor. Expectations of and respect for a man in his position…I’ll say no more…

FF: Why do you think storytelling is such a powerful way to share truth?
People connect through story. When the reader sees how God makes a difference in other’s lives—in their pain and their sorrow—they see hope in the truth of God’s promises and provision. Just telling the truth lacks the effectiveness of showing how truth impacts lives of people who are just like us.

As an example, Proverbs 22:2 is the theme verse for Tangled Promises: The rich and poor meet together; the Lord is the maker of them all. In a world so shattered by differences, God calls us to see we’re all the same in His eyes. From the unborn baby to kings in the land, we’re all cherished by Him. He calls us to forgiveness and love.

FF: How has your faith or world view impacted the way you tell stories?
I read this quote many years ago and have loved it ever since. “Seeing God in everything makes life the greatest adventure there is.” I love sharing my character’s stories and faith journeys, providing readers with glimpses of these God-adventures. I wish I knew who to give credit for the quote.

Tangled Promises
Promised Destiny Series #1
Lynn U. Watson
Celebrate Lit Publishing
Genres: Historical, Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 17, 2024

ISBN-10: ‎1962377148
ISBN-13: ‎978-1962377140

Book Summary:
Thunderous applause extinguishes her dream and ignites her worst nightmare.

Clara Reinhold’s father publicly pledges her hand to Georg Wolff. His character and arrogance match the stench of his odious cigars, but his lineage offers a suitable alliance for the station of a baron’s daughter.

A charades clue years earlier turned friendship into a promise of forbidden marriage between Clara and family carriage driver, Daniel Becker.

If she refuses Georg and follows her heart, her father disowns her and she loses everything—her loving family, dear friends, and the only home she’s known.

As a tangled web of scandal and deceit unwinds, hidden motives and illicit activities emerge among an unsuspecting ring of players changing everything but nobility’s rules.

How will justice be served?

How will Clara and Daniel overcome obstacles to claim a future beyond that of a charade?


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About The Author

Lynn U. Watson is the great-great granddaughter of a real-life baron from southwest Germany. Snippets of her family’s story inspire her fiction writing. She is the great-great granddaughter of a real-life baron from southwest Germany. Snippets of her family’s story inspire her fiction writing.