A pastor’s wife and author, Angel Moore fell in love with romance stories as a child when she read the story of Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Now she writes inspirational romances of her own. In her novel Husband by Arrangement (Love Inspired Historical), Sheriff Scott Braden finds that caring for Rena Livingston and her unborn baby exposes a vulnerability he vowed he’d never allow again—and could wreck his chances in the election. In this interview, Angel shares the inspiration behind the story, her favorite part writing it, and how she got the historical details right…

Angel, what inspired the story in Husband by Arrangement?

Sheriff Scott Braden was a secondary character in The Rightful Heir. He was strong and a gentleman, and his integrity made me want to write a happily-ever-after ending for him. Of course, he was young and handsome, too. All he needed was the right heroine. I had no idea how complicated his life would be until I started the story.

What was your favorite part in writing this story?

I enjoyed the scenes where Scott and Rena had to deal with opposition. Facing your fears and foes can be tough. Doing it in a Christian manner can be tougher. And we all fail at that from time to time. Taking the characters from one situation to the next, always knowing that the future of the town depended on how they reacted, kept me challenged as a writer.

What kind of research did you do to get the historical details right?

Husband by Arrangement deals with the power of small-town politics. I spent a lot of time researching Texas laws and the structure of town governments in the 1880’s. It’s amazing how family ties and a town’s history come into play during contested elections.

What do you hope readers come away with after reading Husband by Arrangement?

The message of forgiveness in Scott and Rena’s story is important to me. No one is perfect. God’s mercy is available to all, but sometimes the hardest thing to do is forgive yourself.

What are the best things readers can do to support their favorite authors?

Authors are always blessed when readers share book news with their friends and family. A good review can help someone decide if they want to buy an author’s book. A picture of a book and a recommendation to their friends on social media can be a big boost to an author. If a few of those friends buy that book, they may buy others by the same author. It’s a snowball effect that can increase an author’s influence and future sales.

And I love to hear from my readers. I’m active on social media for that purpose. I want my stories of faith and hope to encourage readers. I hope they’ll tell others and even send me a Facebook comment or a note through my website. The knowledge that an author’s words have helped a reader is great motivation to write the next story.

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