Rediscover the Rich Treasures of the Psalms

Sheltering Mercy helps us rediscover the rich treasures of the Psalms through poetic prayer. This new devotional contains 75 prayers drawn from Psalms 1-75, providing lyrical sketches for personal devotion and meditation.

“Over the course of my career, I’ve spent countless hours laboring over vocal harmonies. There’s something beautiful about hearing different, complementary (or consonant) notes at the same time. The prayers in Sheltering Mercy produce a similar result. They harmonize with the text of Scripture and make it come alive in a whole new way.” –Michael W. Smith


Ryan Whitaker Smith is an author and filmmaker from Nashville, Tennessee. His projects include The Jesus Music, a documentary about the history of contemporary Christian music, and film adaptations of the award-winning memoir Surprised by Oxford and G. K. Chesterton’s The Ball and the Cross. He has collaborated with his father, Michael W. Smith, on songs, music videos, and concert specials.


Dan Wilt is a songwriter, speaker, educator, and author who has his own teaching ministry in worship and spiritual formation through He has served as a pastor and encourager of creative leaders and has written several devotionals, including A Well-Worn Path and Songs Are a Place We Go. Wilt is also a contributing author to Perspectives on Worship: Five Views and an internationally respected communicator on worship and the arts. He lives outside Nashville, Tennessee.


Sheltering Mercy
Prayers Inspired by the Psalms
Ryan Whitaker Smith and Dan Wilt
Brazos Press
Genres: Devotional
Release Date: February 8, 2022


Book Summary:
Sheltering Mercy helps us rediscover the rich treasures of the Psalms—through free-verse prayer renderings of their poems and hymns—as a guide to personal devotion and meditation.

The church has always used the Psalms as part of its prayer life, and they have inspired countless other prayers. This book contains 75 prayers drawn from Psalms 1-75, providing lyrical sketches of what authors Ryan Smith and Dan Wilt have seen, heard, and felt while sojourning in the Psalms. While each prayer corresponds to a particular psalm and touches on its themes and ideas, it is not a new translation of the Psalms or an attempt to modernize or contextualize their content or language. Rather, the prayers are responses to the Psalms written in harmony with Scripture. These prayers help us quiet our hearts before God and welcome us into a safe place amid the storms of life.

This artful, poetic, and classic devotional book features compelling custom illustrations and beautiful hardcover binding, offering a fresh way to reflect on and pray the Psalms.

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