Entering a Women’s Lunatic Asylum isn’t a Problem. Leaving is…

Grace Hitchcock is back in the True Colors series with book four, The Gray Chamber (Barbour Books), releasing January 2020. Edyth has been wrongly committed and Nellie is undercover in New York’s most notorious women’s lunatic asylum. Will Edyth prove her sanity before it is too late?

On Blackwell’s Island, New York, a hospital was built to keep its patients from ever leaving. With her late parents’ fortune under her uncle’s care until her twenty-fifth birthday in the year 1887, Edyth Foster does not feel pressured to marry or to bow to society’s demands. She freely indulges in eccentric hobbies like fencing and riding her velocipede in her cycling costume about the city for all to see.

Finding a loophole in the will, though, her uncle whisks Edyth off to the women’s lunatic asylum just weeks before her birthday. And Edyth fears she will never be found. At the asylum she meets another inmate, who upon discovering Edyth’s plight, confesses that she is Nellie Bly, an undercover journalist for The World. Will either woman find a way to leave the terrifying island and reclaim her true self?

Grace Hitchcock debuted with The White City in the True Colors series. She holds a Masters in Creative Writing and a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in History. Grace lives in southern Louisiana with her husband and son.

The Gray Chamber

True Colors Series
Grace Hitchcock
Barbour Books
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