In 1975, DC Comics published an oversized comic book called simply “The Bible.” Some of the best comic book creators of the time worked on the book, with Sheldon Mayer scripting, Joe Kubert laying out the pages and editing, and Nestor Redondo finishing the artwork. DC Comics is now reprinting the classic book in a hardcover edition.

The book itself covered the book of Genesis, including the creation, Noah’s Ark, and Sodom and Gomorrah. In a 1975 interview with Mayer from The Amazing World of DC Comics, he recounted the scripting process: “I rough-sketched that script rather than typed it because I needed the advice of several theologians, and it was easier for them to look at pictures than to wade through the scene descriptions.”

More issues of The Bible were planned but never produced.

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Ben Avery is a high school teacher, a playwright, comic book writer, and active children's ministry worker. His work is designed to captivate readers and lead them to a closer relationship with Christ. He is the author of Kingdoms: A Biblical Epic and TimeFlyz.