You’ve said that suspense is your favorite genre. What it about suspense that keeps you coming back?

I have a strong streak of justice. I can’t stand to read about someone being arrested and going to jail for a crime she didn’t commit, for example. I can’t write that kind of story either because my characters must have justice! Crazy, I know, but that’s my quirk! I grew up on Nancy Drew and learned to love mystery at an early age. I love the puzzle and the adrenaline rush of that kind of story.

Your general market counterparts can’t seem to write a story without including objectionable content. What are the challenges of writing romantic suspense as a Christian author?

Great story never used to include those objectionable things—and stories still don’t need them. I hear from many readers who love the fact they don’t have to skip over parts of my novels. There’s a real desire out there for great story that doesn’t leave the reader needing to take a shower. So basically, I just leave out the parts readers skip! Story is all about conflict and character. You don’t have to include colorful language even when writing someone with a penchant for swearing. Saying, “he swore” is enough. And it’s the same thing with sex scenes. My characters are Christian, so while they can still have temptations in that area, their faith is important to them.

I read a lot of general market fiction, but I skip those parts myself when reading. It always makes me wonder why an author thinks it’s even important to have something like that in there. Mary Higgins Clark doesn’t write sex scenes, and she sells millions of books. Those scenes aren’t necessary for good story. Conflict and emotion are what sell books.

So many of your plots have the pulse-pounding setup of a movie (in the good way). Is your fiction more influenced by books or movies—and in what ways?

Oh, always books! I’m not a movie girl—though I’d love to have one of my books make the big screen. Books carry a much richer experience than movies. There are very few movies that are life changing the way books are.

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Best-selling author Colleen Coble's novels have won or finaled in awards ranging from the Best Books of Indiana, ACFW Book of the Year, RWA’s RITA, the Holt Medallion, the Daphne du Maurier, National Readers' Choice, and the Booksellers Best. She has nearly 2 million books in print and writes romantic mysteries because she loves to see justice prevail. She lives with her husband Dave in Indiana.