Nashville, TN (October 13, 2022)
Bestselling Children’s author Laura Richie offers the next highly anticipated title from her beautifully illustrated Bible Storybook Series with the Nov. 1 release of The Go-and-Tell Storybook: 30 Bible Stories Showing Why We Share about Jesus. The newest and third title of this successful series from David C Cook follows The Advent Storybook and The Easter Storybook, each featuring simple, engaging Bible retellings to inspire children and their families to “go and tell” the story of Jesus, the Rescuer. This new release further addresses why Jesus came, who He is and how His work of rescue and hope continues, spreading from His first-century followers to the whole world, even today.

Geared to families to read as a daily devotional for a month or throughout the whole year, The Go-and-Tell Storybook includes rich poignant illustrations by accomplished artist Ian Dale, who partnered with author Laura Richie to create biblically accurate retellings of the accounts of the first Christians that also portray the beautiful cultural mosaic of first-century Middle Eastern and Asian communities.

Each Bible story comes to life through the accompanying artwork that shows how the Holy Spirit came and what Jesus’ friends did. Readers are able to follow along and experience the adventures of Peter, Paul and other believers from the Pentecost celebration through the Acts of the Apostles.

“Jesus’ good work didn’t end when He returned to His Father. God’s Spirit came and continued the rescue!” exclaims Richie. “Unlike the first two storybooks in this series, The Go-and-Tell Storybook isn’t associated with a holiday, but I felt like God wanted me to continue the story. I hope that families will choose a different month that works for them and read through these thirty stories, learning how the mission of Jesus didn’t end with His ascension but continued through His Spirit empowering His friends. My goal is that parents and children alike will share in the excitement of these stories and be inspired to go and tell how Jesus makes everything good and new!”

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About The Author

Laura Richie is a wife, homeschooling mom and registered nurse. A missionary kid for several years, Laura confesses she didn’t truly understand her need to be rescued until later in life. Now she delights in sharing the beauty and grace of her Rescuer through her books, The Advent Storybook, The Easter Storybook and the latest release of The Go-and-Tell Storybook. Laura resides in Oklahoma with her husband and four children.