Fans of medical series like Grey’s Anatomy will find a kindred spirit in Candace Calvert’s new Grace Medical Series (Tyndale House). Drawing from her own experiences as a nurse, not to mention spending lots of time in the ER after suffering multiple injuries in an equestrian accident, Candace says she and the protagonist Riley Hale share quite a bit in common.

“Fear is such a universal human experience,” Candace shares. “ I wanted to explore it with this story and show the triumph of hope through faith. People sometimes call me the ‘author of medical hope opera,’ and I couldn’t be more pleased.”

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About The Author

Candace Calvert is an ER nurse who landed on the "other side of the stethoscope" after an equestrian accident that broke her neck and convinced her that love, laughter -- and faith -- are the very best medicines of all. Wife, mother, and very proud grandmother, Candace makes her home in northern California.