Ada, MI (October 26, 2021)
In 2020, Bryan Litfin first introduced readers to his Constantine’s Empire Series with The Conqueror. Combining his knowledge as a renowned historian and theologian with his talent for storytelling, Litfin transported readers into perhaps one of the most pivotal eras in all of history. Now he continues the captivating tale in Every Knee Shall BowA former professor of theology at the Moody Bible Institute, Litfin earned his PhD in religious studies from the University of Virginia and his ThM in historical theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. Bryan is head of strategy and advancement at Clapham School, a classical Christian school in Wheaton, Illinois.

Every Knee Shall Bow
Constantine’s Empire Series #2
Bryan Litfin
Genres: Historical Romance
Release Date: October 12, 2021

ISBN-10: ‎ 0800738187
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0800738181

Book Summary:
In AD 316, the Roman empire is rapidly transforming under the rule of Constantine. Where Christians once feared for their very lives, a prominent ally now presides—but evil still prowls in dark corners of the empire.

Bishop Sylvester commissions Flavia, a senator’s daughter, to take a covert petition to Constantine to erect grand basilicas in Rome and determine the canon of scripture. But he knows this is a dangerous request. Even as paganism is dying, the church has powerful enemies and they’re on the move.

Once separated by fate, Flavia and hardened warrior Rex are reunited for their perilous quest on behalf of the catholic church. Traveling by land and sea, the pair are thrown into mortal danger as they strive to free the Roman people from the tyranny of wicked rulers and forge a tenuous future for Christianity.


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About The Author

Bryan Litfin was born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in a Christian home as the son of a seminary professor, pastor, and college president. Currently professor of theology at Moody Bible Institute in downtown Chicago, he teaches courses in theology, church history, and Western civilization from the ancient and medieval periods. Bryan and wife Carolyn are parents to two children.