“Sloane Templeton is meant to be a G-rated version of Stephanie Plum,” Bonnie Calhoun says of her leading sleuth in Cooking the Books (Abingdon), “only with more excitement and humor!” When Sloane starts to receive cyber threats, she dusts off her computer forensic skills, shocked to discover someone wants her dead. “She doesn’t like guns,” Bonnie adds, “but she’s got attitude to beat the band—and the bad guys. Oh, and she has an aunt Verline, who fancies herself the Iron Chef, when in reality you need a cast-iron stomach to partake of her culinary disasters.”

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About The Author

Bonnie S. Calhoun is the publisher of Christian Fiction Online Magazine, director of the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance, and the President of the Christian Authors Network (CAN). She and her husband, Bob, along with a dog and cat that consider her wait-staff, live in a log home on fifteen acres in the upstate area of Binghamton, New York.