Nashville, TN (May 22, 2023)
Christy Award-winning author, Mesu Andrews, has released the second book in her The Egyptian Chronicles Series. Mesu is the of numerous inspirational novels including the Treasures of the Nile Series, the Prophets and Kings series, and Potiphar’s Wife, the first book in The Egyptian Chronicles Series. Her deep understanding of and love for God’s Word help her to bring the Biblical world alive for readers.

In Feast or Famine
The Egyptian Chronicles Series #2
Mesu Andrews
Genres: Historical, Biblical Fiction
Release Date: May 9, 2023

ISBN-10: ‎ 0593193784
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0593193785

Book Summary:
Thrust into an arranged marriage, the daughter of ancient Egypt’s high priest plays a pivotal role in Joseph’s biblical narrative in this powerful novel from the award-winning author of Potiphar’s Wife.

After four-year-old Asenath’s mother is murdered by Egypt’s foreign rulers, the child is raised to be a priestess by her overprotective father—high priest of Egypt’s sun god. For fifteen years, Asenath is sequestered in the upper levels of Ra’s temple, convinced it is her destiny to heal the land by becoming queen to the next Egyptianpharaoh. But when Egypt’s foreign king instead gives her as a bride to the newly appointed vizier—a Hebrew named Joseph—her entire world is shaken.

Beyond the walls of her tower, Asenath discovers treachery, deceit, and conspiracy that force her to redefine her destiny and weigh where her true loyalties lie. Can she still trust the gods of Egypt? Or is Elohim, the foreign God of her husband, the one who will heal her nation during the feast and famine to come?


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About The Author

Mesu Andrews is the award-winning author of numerous novels. Her deep understanding of–and love for– God’s Word brings the biblical world alive for readers. Mesu lives in North Carolina with her husband Roy and enjoys spending time with her growing tribe of grandchildren.