Leaving the horse and buggy behind in favor of a decidedly contemporary love story, Beth Wiseman candidly explores the ups and downs of a married couple’s journey in Need You Now.

While Beth Wiseman has been recognized again and again for her contributions to Amish fiction, she found herself asking God “What’s next?” when it came time to write her next novel.

Looking for a new challenge, as writers who want to avoid getting stuck in the proverbial rut often do, Beth was excited about creating a love story that wasn’t set in an Amish community.

Funny thing is, while her latest project, Need You Now, is thoroughly modern, it still doesn’t stray too far from what her readers know—and love—since it’s still inspirational Christian fiction at its very core.

Unlike the bulk of love stories, however, Need You Now isn’t the story of boy meets girl. Or even boy losing girl. Rather, it’s an authentic portrait of married life—the joys, the struggles and everywhere in between.

“As for what unfolds, this is a very real-life story. It’s not sugar-coated,” Beth shares. “I wanted readers to feel like they were really experiencing the trials these characters face. But the message is a hopeful one—with a sense of renewal.”

With a few of Beth’s own life experiences woven throughout, she says writing the book was a “wonderful experience” because she was able to write about a small town in Texas that’s inspired by the life she knows and loves.

“I saw the story playing out in my head like a movie, and the locale was definitely Round Top, Texas, population 80,” Beth shares.  “Round Top is a quaint little town about nine miles from where I live, and the town’s claim to fame is the antique fair held there twice a year, bringing thousands of people to the area for about two weeks bi-annually. Otherwise, it’s a quiet, artsy little town with some great eateries and shops nestled amongst the ranches, Longhorns, and winding country roads.”             

Written in her trademark warm and witty style, Need You Now is penned from several points of view, so readers can get inside the heads of the lead characters: Grace, a secretly troubled teenager, and happily married couple Brad and Darlene. Focusing on the secret struggles that so many of us face, Need You Now is a story that Beth believes has a wide range of appeal. 

“I think there’s a little something for everyone in Need You Now, and I’m hoping it will appeal to teenagers, parents and grandparents,” Beth says. “Even the best of marriages are interrupted by personal growth that often doesn’t happen in sync with our spouse. Teenage years can be challenging, for both parents and children. Things like temptation and betrayal rear their ugly heads within the pages. If there is a reason to read Need You Now, it would be for the sense of renewal that occurs for all of the characters.  This renewal comes in different ways for each of them, and not the way you would expect in some cases.  And that’s often the way it is with God’s plan for our lives. We just have to trust Him.”

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About The Author

Beth Wiseman is the award-winning and bestselling author of the Daughters of the Promise, Land of Canaan, and Amish Secrets series, as well as novellas that have been included in many bestselling collections.