In 1975, DC Comics published a comics adaptation of the Bible as part of a series of tabloid-sized comic books. This first book in the projected series adapted the earliest chapters of the book of Genesis, including the stories of The Garden of Eden, the Flood, and Sodom and Gomorrah.

While the adaptation never continued, this first volume has become something of a legend among collectors. Now, for the first time, DC reprints this hard-to-find classic in a deluxe hardcover edition.

As a teenager who longed to be a cartoonist, Sheldon Mayer created Scribbly, a feature whose hero was a teenage cartoonist. He sold the strip to M.C. Gaines, then a co-publisher at Dell. Later, when Gaines made the move to DC, Mayer and his strip came along. Gaines was impressed with Mayer’s abilities, so when he became the publisher of a new DC affiliate called All-American Comics, he picked Mayer as the new line’s editor. Once super-heroes like Superman and Batman started taking the comic book market by storm, Mayer responded by launching FLASH COMICS, which became an instant hit with such super-heroes as the Flash, Johnny Thunder, Hawkman and the Whip. Mayer’s next anthology, ALL-AMERICAN COMICS, also became a hit when Green Lantern, the Atom, Dr. Mid-Nite and several other heroic features were added to the lineup. Even Scribbly got into the act when his friend, the Amazonian storekeeper Mathilda (“Ma”) Hunkel, took on the guise of the Red Tornado.In later years, Mayer gave up editing to concentrate once more on cartooning, producing several successful humor features for DC—most notably SUGAR & SPIKE, featuring a pair of adventurous babies with a language of their own.

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Books by Written by SHELDON MAYER ? Art by JOE KUBERT and NESTOR REDONDO ? Cover by JOE KUBERT