Savage Bred
The Royal Rose Chronicles Series #2
Victoria McCombs
Enclave Escape
Genres: YA/Teen Pirate Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery Fantasy
Release Date: August 22, 2023

ASIN: ‎B0BT7276C1
ISBN-13: ‎979-8886050622

Book Summary:
It’s dangerous to be a pirate.

The seas have become more threatening than ever, with enemies closing in on all sides. War isn’t just brewing—it’s here, knocking on their doorsteps, threatening to devour them all. And just as she was warned, Emme might have been the one to create the chaos.

In her desperate attempt to keep the fight away, Emme hatches a plan that involves trapping the only one who can put an end to the battles. But as plans go awry, she discovers she’s not the only one scheming. Eventually she’ll have to accept that she’s no longer playing a role: She’s a pirate now. A pirate who will do what it takes to save her crew, even if it means oathbinding herself one final time.


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About The Author

Victoria McCombs is the author of The Storyteller Series and The Royal Rose Chronicles, and is signed by Enclave Publishing. She loves stories about traitorous princes and roguish pirates, anything dark and twisty, and will devour enemies to lovers like its coffee. Speaking of coffee, she's usually found drinking white chocolate mochas or peppermint hot chocolates, reorganizing her collection of books, or planning the next way to capture reader's hearts. Fairytales were her first love. She became obsessed with the idea that if one was brave enough, they could defeat dragons, and that true love was real. McCombs met her true love in college and together they raise three wildlings in Omaha.

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