Sara and Beth have built a multi-million dollar business together, but
their once-solid friendship is now strained. Beth is leery of Sara’s
husband, and when he’s kidnapped, authorities consider Beth their prime
Then, their small town of Seagrove Village is rocked
by an act of terrorism, and Beth doesn’t know who to trust. Someone she
knows is linked to the attack, but who? Is there a connection to
Crossroads Crisis Center? In the midst of the confusion and fear, Beth
finds herself attracted to a man from her past. She knows she shouldn’t
fall in love with him, but she can’t resist or even explain their bond.
As her world unravels around her, she wonders, is it possible to be
beyond redemption?

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About The Author

Vicki Hinze is an award-winning author of twenty-four novels (including Forget Me Not), three nonfiction books, and hundreds of articles. Hinze is active in Romance Writers of America and serves as a vice president on the International Thriller Writers board of directors. Vicki lives in Florida with her artist husband, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel.

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