Nearly Drowned
Tèarmann Chronicles #1
TR Moore Ede
Genres: YA/Teens, Fantasy
Release Date: November 23, 2020

ISBN-10 : 1777355001
ISBN-13 : 978-1777355005

Book Summary:
Malissa Crop always thought she would live a normal human life. She will soon discover she is wrong; in more ways than one.

Maybe normal was always a bit of a stretch, but what does it matter that although she doesn’t try, Malissa has more strength than perhaps she should. Or that two traumatic experiences with water leaves her with no fear of it.

Malissa always knew she was adopted, but it takes sixteen years before she discovers not only was she left on the Crop’s doorstop, but that she was left there for her safety.

After rescuing a man from a pool that was closed down, she finds herself a target of those who tried to drown him. Those now after her seem to know her from before the pool incident and are aware of something she has yet to discover about herself.


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