Humans that Aren’t
Tèarmann Chronicles #5
TR Moore Ede
Genres: Contemporary, Fantasy/Supernatural, YA/Teen
Release Date: March 15, 2021


Book Summary:
Both Irene and Eve wish to be reunited with their parents. Irene’s parents may be at the Slayer’s base, but Eve’s parents, a different planet.

Upon hearing that her parents could be close by, Irene is itching to leave straight away, regardless of the danger. Unfortunately, a preplanned trip stands between her and finding her parents. The only time she has between now and heading to the airport is only enough to see a newfound alien ship…

Even as a dragon, a dragon from the medieval period at that, Irene still finds the thought of aliens a bit far fetched. When she visits the site of the crash, she not only finds a damaged ship but a spot of blue blood.

Eve hadn’t meant to crash on Earth. She doesn’t even know how a course was set for it. When locals find her ship almost immediately, she’s forced to flee it. In the trees she sought safety in, she runs into a giant group of people that don’t seem surprised by her presence on Earth. Worse, it sounds like they were expecting her. But how is that possible?

Series Info:
Nearly Drowned — Tèarmann Chronicles #1
Double Vision — Tèarmann Chronicles #2
Wings of Change — Tèarmann Chronicles #3
Out in the Open — Tèarmann Chronicles #4


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About The Author

Born and raised in a Christian family in Canada, TR is the third of ten kids. In her early teenage years, she began to develop an interest and eventually a love for writing. What was meant to be a stand alone, then a duo turned into the Tearmann Chronicles. Most of her books, whether in the series or not, show her love and interest in magical creatures, especially mermaids. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, a variety of crafts, greek mythology and mermaiding.

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