Of the four people at the
Newpointe post office when the bomb went off, three were killed
instantly. The fourth, a five-year-old boy, lies comatose in the
hospital and might not survive. Who would do such a thing? The answer
comes in the form of a gunman crashing through the door of the hotel
room where Jill Clark is staying. With a rifle barrel pointed at her
temple, the young attorney suddenly finds herself the hostage of a
desperate man whose actions hardly fit his claim that he’s innocent of
the bombing. Only later, when the suspect is behind bars, does Jill
wonder whether he’s as guilty as he appears. Prompted by a terrifying
attempt on her life, Jill and old flame Dan Nichols dig deeper into the
case. But standing in their way lies an obstacle Jill hasn’t counted on:
the power of a covenant. It could change her life. Or, with the clock
ticking, it could seal her death.