He shall be Allon’s greatest king; of such a heritage as to rule Guardian and mortal alike – so says Prophecy of the man to succeed Ellis. He decides upon Prince Sullivan of Gorham to wed his heir, Ellan, unaware that Sullivan’s mother is an old enemy. Their arrival allows Ellan’s own ambition to blossom. The royal family and Guardians become impacted by dark machinations threatening a coup. Determined to save her father, Tristine meets two unlike allies: a blacksmith and crippled beggar. But how can they help? And what about the Great King?

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About The Author

Shawn Lamb has been a screenwriter since the 1980s Filmation animated series Bravestarr. She has won several screenwriting awards, including a Certificate of Merit from the American Screenwriters Association. Taking the skills of writing for television along with experience of working with kids and teens, she began work on the Allon fantasy series. Shawn lives in Antioch, Tenn., with her husband and their daughter.

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