All four books of the award winning Eye Witness graphic novel series are collected in one beautiful and easy-to-store slipcase package.

Join skeptical archaeologist, Dr. Terry Harper, as he discovers the first historical confirmation of the life, death and rebirth of Jesus of Nazareth. His drive to share this information with the world is met by continuous attacks by dark forces that will do anything to prevent the spread of Christianity. While he is fighting for his life, Dr. Harper experiences first hand the exciting events surrounding the growth of the early Christian Church and despite his life of skepticism, finds he is drawn to faith for the first time in his life. The Eye Witness series uniquely blends a fully illustrated modern day political thriller with a presentation of the birth of the Christian faith…from the Passion week through the Book of Acts.

This collector’s item package contains first edition copies of books one through four in this unique and groundbreaking series at a discounted price point.