In Saudi Arabia, two American missionaries are targeted by the infamous
religious police—Muttawa. The man is tortured and killed; his wife arrested
on trumped-up charges before being deported to the United States. Compelled
by the injustice of her plight, young attorney Brad Carlson files an
unprecedented civil rights suit against Saudi Arabia and the ruthless head of
the Muttawa. But the suit unleashes powerful forces that will stop at nothing
to vindicate the Arabian kingdom. Witnesses are intimidated and some disappear;
jurors are bribed; and a member of Brad’s own team may be attempting
to sabotage the case. As Brad navigates a maze of treachery and deception,
he must gamble his case, his career, and the lives of those he loves on his
ability to bring justice to one family, challenge the religious intolerance of a
nation, and alter the course of international law. Directed Verdict is a Christy Award–winning novel.