Robin Rae is never more herself than when she’s singing one of her songs on the front porch . . . but she’s never more terrified than when she’s about to sing one onstage.
Nevertheless, Robin knows it’s high time she steer her ’69 Chevy onto I-65 and make for Music Row . . . with her hometown hunk and his double-wide castle in her rearview mirror.

Freedom, Alabama, is no place for a songwriter to run down her dream—stage fright or no.
She isn’t the first to make the leap. Robin has known more than a few would-be stars whom Nashville has chewed up and spat out—including some big names from Freedom. So when she finds herself on deck at the famous Bluebird Cafe within a week of arriving in Music City, she can hardly believe what’s happening.
With the lights going up and the specter of stage fright looming over her, this small-town gal is about to get a lesson in what it takes to make it in the music business. Will a gifted young woman let her dreams be smothered by fear . . . or will love teach her to open her heart and shine in the city where stars are born?