Annie Jamison is
the sister who keeps the peace. So when her mother goes missing, Annie’s
the one sent to retrieve her.

There’s one problem. It seems the town
Willa Jamison (willingly) ran off to — Sunflower, Kansas — doesn’t exist.
Sure, it’s on the map, but when Annie drives there, she finds herself in
the middle of a field. Of sunflowers.

In nearby Bonner Springs, Kansas,
Annie finds her errant mother … and Joe Kelly, a handsome veterinarian
who thinks Annie is part of a team of con artists out to swindle his
father. It takes some time, but eventually, Joe’s working with Annie
instead of against her to bring their wacky parents to their senses.
When this unlikely team turns into an unlikely couple, Annie no longer
wants to leave her field of sunflowers. She wants happily-ever-after
with Joe Kelly. But when evidence of the con resurfaces, will Joe have
enough faith in Annie to recognize the truth?