In the wooded Amish hill country, a professor at a small college, a local pastor, and the county sheriff are the only ones among the mainstream, or “English,” who possess the instincts and skills to work the cases that impact all county residents, no matter their code of conduct or religious creed.

When an Amish boy is kidnapped, a bishop, fearful for the safety of his followers, plunges three outsiders into the traditionally closed society of the “Plain Ones”.

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About The Author

Paul L. Gaus was born in Athens, Ohio, and has lived in the state for most of his life. He has lived in Wooster, Ohio, for the past 33 years with his wife Madonna. Paul's extensive knowledge of the culture and lifestyle of the Ohio Amish comes from over 30 years of travel throughout Holmes and the surrounding counties in Ohio, where the world's largest Amish and Mennonite population sprawls out over the countryside near Millersburg, Wooster, and Sugarcreek.

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There is a long-smoldering hatred that has reached into the secluded pastoral valleys of Holmes County ...