She’erah’s Legacy
Yahweh’s Legacy Series #3
Naomi Craig
Celebrate Lit
Genres: Biblical Fiction, Historical Romance
Release Date: August 15, 2023

ISBN-10: ‎1951839994
ISBN-13: ‎978-1951839994

Book Summary:
As tragedy ravages the camp, can She’erah step up and complete the outpost?

She’erah is a woman trying to leave her mark in a man’s world. Her vision and ability surpasses her father’s, yet she remains second-in-command as they are tasked to build Pharaoh’s outposts in Canaan. She knows she is worthy of the task, but her clan is skeptical. The last place She’erah expects support is from her charioteer, but Lateef is the lone voice of encouragement. His integrity and steadfastness is a plumb-line in She’erah’s life and she can no longer deny her growing feelings for him.

Acts of sabotage threaten the construction and the shaky foundation of She’erah’s pride. It’s up to She’erah to break generations of rivalry, distrust, and jealousy—if she can learn to rely on the strengths and abilities of those around her to help.

Will she learn to trust God and others before her life’s legacy comes crumbling down around her?


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About The Author

Naomi Craig is an author of Biblical fiction, avid reader, pastor's wife, who loves reading the Bible and imagining how things were at the time. When she's not serving in various areas at church or trying to stay on top of mountains of dishes, you'll most likely find her enjoying a good book and a cup of coffee. She co-hosts #BehindTheStory, an author interview show on YouTube and your podcast platform of choice, and co-hosts Biblical Fiction Aficionados Facebook Group.

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