Merle of Nazareth
The Dead Sea Squirrels #7
Mike Nawrocki
Luke Séguin-Magee (Illustrator)
Tyndale Kids
Genres: Children’s, Animation

ISBN-10 : 1496449738
ISBN-13 : 978-1496449733

Book Summary:
The Dead Sea Squirrels are back! Mike Nawrocki brings his signature humor and storytelling expertise to the newest installment in the beloved series.

Merle and Pearl have been squirrelnapped and taken to Israel. Even though Michael, Justin, and Sadie have just started 5th grade, they convince their parents that a trip to Israel will be an educational experience, especially since Michael’s mom is a teacher and can help them keep up with their schoolwork. Nazareth is the first stop for Merle and Pearl’s squirrelnapper. The kids are able to track Merle and Pearl to Nazareth, the town where Joseph and Mary lived before the birth of Jesus. Then the squirrels learn that the black-market artifact collector will be moving them to Bethlehem and manage to leave a clue for the kids as to where they are going. Will the kids find Merle and Pearl in time, or will the squirrelnapper get away again?


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