Over The Edge
Michael Garrett
SonCoast Publishing
Genres: Suspense
Release Date: January 28, 2023

ISBN-10: ‎ 1953406424
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1953406422

Book Summary:
When David faced Goliath, at at least had a rock. Larissa Baxter didn’t even have that . . .

On the run from the FBI for a crime she didn’t commit, Arizona socialite Larissa Baxter faces an unexpected threat. The secret life she’s been living is about to be exposed, and even though all charges have been dropped, her life remains in danger.

Texas bounty hunter Clyde Hopkins is in way over his head, having been duped by the false promise of a million dollar reward for Larissa’s capture and return. With a target now on his own back, his nerves now tight as a drum, Hopkins knows too much. A simple bounty apprehension turns into a kidnapping, and Hopkins, a previously law-abiding citizen, faces a terrible choice—kill or be killed.

With potential death now facing Larissa from opposite directions, she’s defenseless but for the strength of her faith.


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About The Author

Michael Garrett is a devout Christian and life-long resident of Alabama. His world revolves around God and his family. He has been published internationally and has worked in an editorial capacity with best-selling authors. Michael holds the distinction of having been Stephen King’s first editor and publisher. He has also taught highly acclaimed writing workshops at colleges and universities across the nation and was an Editorial Associate of the Writer’s Digest School.

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Over The Edge

Christian Fiction New Book Release: Over The Edge by Michael Garrett