Some Dreams Should Never Come True
Michael Garrett
Genres: Mystery & Suspense
Release Date: May 5, 2023

ISBN-13: ‎979-8393466954

Book Summary:
She owed him her life, but did she have to be his forever?

He rescues her from an icy river on a Deep South winter’s night, risking his own life against freak blizzard-like conditions. He drives her to his home over impassable roads to render treatment for exposure. David Stetson, a good Christian man, tries to warm her, to keep her alive. For the first time in his life, he holds a beautiful woman in his arms who needs him.
But when Elise Farmington awakens inside a rural, isolated trailer in a half-conscious state, she mistakenly believes she’s been kidnapped and assaulted, determined to get away at whatever the cost.

As she faces the terrifying consequences of a near fatal accident, Elise’s misperception becomes a reality, and she becomes the captive of a lonely, desperate man who succumbs to temptation and longs to have her forever.


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About The Author

Michael Garrett is a devout Christian and life-long resident of Alabama. His world revolves around God and his family. He has been published internationally and has worked in an editorial capacity with best-selling authors. Michael holds the distinction of having been Stephen King’s first editor and publisher. He has also taught highly acclaimed writing workshops at colleges and universities across the nation and was an Editorial Associate of the Writer’s Digest School.

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